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Rideshare drivers and app workers in Connecticut are getting a raw deal. Uber, Lyft, Instacart, DoorDash and other app-based companies are constantly changing their policies and tweaking their algorithms to increase profits. This leaves drivers short on pay and long on frustration.

Drivers are at the mercy of employers who pay them no benefits, constantly alter their wages and have the capability to deactivate them at any time.

We need to organize to achieve transparency and fairness. The legislation that Connecticut Drivers United has presented in the state capitol will grant drivers a new set of rights, including minimum payments (per minute and per mile), unemployment insurance, sick leave and protection from discrimination and retaliation. This legislation will insure transparency for drivers, and will also give them the right to form their own union or driver-led organization free from company interference. You can read a copy of our proposed legislation here.

Connecticut Drivers United is a grassroots organization created and led by drivers. I stand with them and ask the Connecticut House and Senate to pass the “Worker Equal Rights Act” during the coming legislative session.